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Many times we have tunnel vision about the things we are passionate about. I am one of those people. I have problems thinking outside of the box. We get involved in buying items and only look in the stores that everyone else buys the items that we need from.

Like many of you, when I was much younger, I was a Boy Scout. I remember those years fondly. I have a lot of good memories and experiences of my scouting years.

As most of you know, I live in southeast Louisiana, in the New Orleans metro area. Yesterday, I was out driving around doing some errands. I was headed east on I-10 when I observed the Boy Scouts of America Headquarters for the area, so I decided to stop in and look around.

I went inside and found that there was a camping display of a lot of old Boy Scout camping items and uniforms. While viewing those items, I observed that there was a Boy Scout shop in the building, so I went in. I had forgotten all about what the Boy Scouts sold in their shop. I was amazed at the amount of items that was in the shop.

They had a book shelf filled with books and manuals of all type. The books were very reasonably priced. Most of the books were cheaper that you can find at book stores, on or off line.

In their camping section there were all types of items from sleeping bags, back packs, canteens, hiking staffs, mess kits, pots, survival kits, knives, etc. Most of the items they sell seem to be of better quality than you normally find at the camping stores.

I came across a display of fire starting items. One of the items caught my eye. This fire starting item was a thing called a “Hot Spark” fire starter. (See photograph) I have not seen it anywhere else. It cost $3.99. The “Hot Spark” comes in a cardboard display pack. In that pack is a metal striker and a black sparker bar which is attached to a small handle. Both of these items have a hole drilled in the end for attaching them to a key chain or dog tag chain. On the back of the cardboard display pack are the instructions for using the device. It also says that the “Hot Spark” works wet or dry. Both items together are smaller than a standard house key.

I do not plan on using this item as my primary fire starting source, you could if you wanted to, but it makes a great cheap fire starting back up source. It makes a great item to teach someone how to start a fire or just a stocking stuffer at Christmas time.

The only things in the store that you cannot buy are the Cub and Boy Scout uniforms and related patches. Only card carrying members can buy those items.

Before you buy any gear that you need, you might want to take a trip to your local Boy Scout Store or check them out on line, see below.

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Boy Scouts of America | National Supply Group

P.O. Box 7143 | Charlotte, NC 28241-7143



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