A few words from Rourke…….

Hello all –

I hope this post, article, email or whatever you want to call it finds you safe and enjoying the Christmas season. I wanted to take a few moments and pass along a bit of information.


These past few months have been fantastic here at SeasonedCitizenPrepper.com. The site has evolved and grown in so many ways. I must give an extra special thanks to Bev – who has provided so much support in so many ways. The vast majority of SCP’s success is attributed directly to her involvement here.

Thank you Bev!


SCP started off as a blog that would post an article or three each week. We now post every day, sometimes two in a day. We also have added some unique content including recipes, free preparedness downloads, and a page dedicated to recommended preparedness  products. Just recently we started a page listing special online discounts and promo codes for SCP readers to use to save money when purchasing supplies.


With the recent addition of several Editor-at-Large writers sharing their thoughts, knowledge and experience – I see SCP growing even more and the content getting more diverse.


Over the coming months I hope that you will continue to visit SeasonedCitizenPrepper.com and find a place where preparedness information is relayed in a positive way – without the doom and gloom that some other sites portray. Religion will continue to be a integral part of SCP  – something that we will not be ashamed of. Homesteading and frugal living will continue to be frequent topics.


SCP will continue to evolve, grow and adapt. Firearms will become a more frequent topic – one which has been mostly absent from the “pages” of SCP. Gardening will be discussed more and more as Spring gets closer. Equipment reviews are something I particularly am looking forward to. Who knows – maybe we will even have a few giveaways!


A recent poll which was taken here on SCP answered a question which I had been wondering – What are you preparing for? Economic collapse was the #1 choice out of the 342+ readers who participated. I share your concern. Natural Disaster and Food Shortage were the 2nd and 3rd place runner up. These three topics, as well as many others, will certainly be discussed over the next several months.


The world is not getting any safer. The world’s economies continue to struggle, society itself looks to be decaying in front of our eyes, and Mother Nature seems to have a tantrum every so often. Hopefully we can weather the storms out together and in between all of it – maybe even share a laugh or two here at SeasonedCitizenPrepper.


Merry Christmas everyone! May God bless you all.

– Rourke

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