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Hello all – 

If you are reading this – “thanks” for stopping by. This website continues to be young and is growing slowly. Every so often my mind becomes packed with random thoughts and I just have to get them out. Some of these may be of interest….so may not.

Either way….here  I go –

  • The Economy – Listening to the mainstream media as well as government spokesman one could be convinced that the economy is improving. Is it? Maybe. Not wanting to bore you with facts, figures and graphs I will make my stand on the economy simple: Things MAY be getting slightly better for a minority of people and companies. This does not change the fact that businesses are finding it more difficult to do business in the United States. There are a growing number of rules, regulations, and policies that govern over businesses both small and large. Profit margins are down and there is tremendous initiatives going on throughout many industries to eliminate the need for “people” to get work done. People are being asked to do more for less every day. This trend will continue. Our economic collapse will be slow with many hills which may seem like improvements rising only to drop back down to mediocrity. The governmental debts will continue to increase to record breaking amounts year after year and taxes WILL be raised to cover the pathetic happenings of the government until a critical point is reached where people cannot pay it anymore. Inflation will take off – and the economy will fall in what may seem like a dark bottomless well.
  • Prepping – Prepping seems to becoming almost a fad. This is dangerous. Why? More targets. What I mean is there is a growing number of people and groups out there that are prepping by stocking up on guns and ammunition with the full intention of taking supplies from others should the SHTF. There are even people on YouTube stating this with no reservations. 
  • Gas Prices – My wife actually said to me today –  “$3.27 a gallon for gas – that is pretty good.”  I think this roller coaster ride of fuel prices going up and down is purposely meant to do just this – ween people into excepting higher and higher gas prices. It is crazy and not good for America.
  • EMP – EMP is becoming more and more talked about in many media venues. I think this is a good thing. There is an upcoming TV show called REVOLUTION which tells the story of the country/world after an EMP attack. I am really looking forward to it. This is likely not a good things because most every single show on TV I really like ends up getting cancelled. Anyways – more publicity on EMP will hopefully open more peoples eyes to the possibly awaiting them. What they do from there with that information 



  • Organization – Big project coming up for me at home. I am working to get much more organized with my Survival System. Many of my supplies are located in my garage within individual totes. These totes are labeled. Upcoming I will be doing more of the same but also inventorying everything within each container/area. I think that this will provide me a better understanding of what I have and what I need.
Take care all –


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