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Rourke: The WE2’s sent this is a while ago and somehow it was misplaced – so my apologies but here it is. Thanks WE2’s!!!
This past few weeks we’ve added a few more extra’s to our “crisis management” supplies.  There’s just sometimes that we run on to such drastic opportunities that we go ahead and buy, we’ll then search other ways to cut some corners to make up the difference. 
One of the first opportunities was running on to the Remington propane home heater that was on sale.  We knew it was a “must” because it’s built with a casement for a 20# propane tank, regulator & hose so no small cannisters to change out…plus, it’s on rollers.  On the way home we stopped at our local Tractor Supply and they had their LED work lights and “puck” lights on sale.  The work lights were $5 each and the puck lights were $4 each so we bought a bag full.  They each have a magnet on back so we can stick them on the side of the frig for easy access and they all have a fold out hook and we keep on hooked on the front and back door knobs here and at the Roost and one hangs from each of our livingroom table lamps.  We also have one each hanging on the steering wheel adjustment arm of each vehicle.  We also keep several in our travel trailer and our Class B motorhome/van.  So any time we find them on sale it’s a buzz word for us.  After we got home, I mentioned to MrWE2 that the new Remington was going to heat a lot more square footage than our Little Buddy which uses one canister. 
Then…about 9:00 pm, MrWE2 saw on a local advertisement service that somebody had a Big Buddy (which normally uses two canisters unless you can adapt them) with all the hose, regulator & connectors for sale for $50 … and two empty propane tanks for $10 each.  So, we met the seller at Walmart at 10 pm and we now have a Big Buddy that’s equipped to run on the 20# tanks :-)  You know the rule … 1 is none, 2 is 1 and 3 is 2  (happily smiling) and we’ve got A LOT of full propane tanks set back for emergencies and will now have two more once we take them for exchange (about $18 each) 
Then we ran onto a “Cobb Cooking System” for $10 on the same advertiser page and absolutely fell in love at first sight because it uses only a few bricketts and will cook for hours! And is small & lightweight so we can take it just about anywhere we want…or, just use it on an old aquarium metal stand that we have that we set our Sun Oven on.  And this story wouldn’t be complete without acknowledging another person who “gave” us two more empty propane tanks!  Attaching some photos of our finds.
Smiling WE2‘s
Cobb pic2 Cobb pic LED hand light LED work light Little Buddy heater Big Buddy heater Remington propane heater

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