A few Hints & Tips………..

We are in the process of creating a special “Hints and Tips” page to showcase simple and inexpensive ways to get things, done often using items that can be found around the house. Absolutely many of these will be preparedness-related.

– Rourke



Here are a few:

  • Editor at Large, John from Iowa provides this great tip – The Sportsman’s Guide now has some very large washable wool blankets on sale at 8 for $53.99 (for members)! They look to be good sized, but they are only partial wool, and the rest synthetic. I suppose to make them more washable? Item # is B3X-234678. For more information – click HERE.


  • Garlic Storage from Wyzyrd, Editor-At-Large – If you find yourself with “more garlic than you can use” from the garden and don’t want to take a chance on drying it out too much by hanging/braiding it. Peel the cloves and and chop them up in a food processor (Actually, the li’l bitty $9 ones you give as wedding presents to people you don’t really know that well work better than a big one, for this purpose.), pack the chopped garlic tight in a jar, pour a little olive oil over the top and seal. It will last nearly forever (6-8 months easy) in the fridge.
  • Fishing Line – You can tie just about anything with it. Waterproof and extremely strong – one reel of it provides hundreds of feet. Tie a tarp in place, hang a shower curtain, or even…..go fishing!
  • Battery Powered Radio – Many households have battery powered radio and in the event of a disaster and power loss – these radios can provide much needed information. Don’t have one – check your alarm clock radio to see if it can run on batteries – they often will.
  • Baby Wipes – Excellent for cleaning up when running water might not be available.
  • Work Gloves – Saves your hands and makes work easier.


There’s lots more to come!!


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