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Here are a few Hints and Tips from our Editor’s –


By Harold, Editor-At-Large 

Barter and Inheritance Taxes 

I just had an interesting discussion with a supposedly learned gentleman on the subject of taxes. He informed me that if we became a barter society that taxes would still be due on anything I bartered. I countered with, under the IRS tax codes labor was not taxable and he could check it out on his next auto repair where they tax the parts, but not the labor.


I then informed him that a long term loan was not a barter, that it was simply a loan and that was how I done business. If I forget to ask for the item back prior to dying, then it is yours after my death and the storage assessment on same should negate an inheritance tax or anything else absurd like that. 

Publish ebooks?

From Editor Wyzyrd – 

If you want to publish ebooks, please do yourself a BIG favor, and get a copy of Calibre (free!) 

This open-source freeware will let you generate all of the popular ebook formats from your text files, and give you a ‘one stop shopping’ library to manage your ebook collection and download them to e-readers/tablets/etc.  Very handy.

Alternate Search Engine:

May I submit that Google is not a good choice for preppers (or, anyone who values privacy)?

Google is notorious, in fact “rules”, in gathering, collecting, storing, and sharing every key stroke you enter on your computer. Google sells this information to advertisers, but give it to the gubment – on a regular basis. Every email address your correspond with, every site you visit, has been recorded, saved in archives, sold to some, but given to the gubment.

If privacy is important to you (it sure is to me!), try: www.duckduckgo.com

Duck is not as “sexy” as Google; it doesn’t have the staff or the interest in making the entry page all cutesy every day; it also doesn’t collect your info, doesn’t save or store it, doesn’t sell it to anyone (no advertisers!), and doesn’t give it to the gubment.

I’m sure there are a FEW other sites out there that do the same; I’m just familiar with this one; it is the one I use.

– servantheart, Editor at Large

Weather Predictions Tip:
Submitted by John from Iowa, Editor-At-Large
An excellent weather predictions site!

Tips from Rourke:

  • Save dryer lint and toilet paper rolls.  I have a fire pit out in the backyard and sometimes use dryer lint and toilet paper rolls to get the fire going. I have also taken cotton balls coated in petroleum jelly, inserted LOOSELY into the toilet paper rolls – and used that as a fire starter.
  • Petroleum jelly works fantastic when put on cotton balls or rolled up toilet paper/paper towel.
  • Have a Foodsaver to vacuum pack food? Think of all the little things that can be organized in Foodsaver bags. Put together a fire starting kit easily with a couple of Bic lights, some dryer lint, matches, and even a few small sticks – all sealed and water proofed.


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