A couple ebooks “from the other side”……

By Wyzyrd, Editor-At-Large

A couple ebooks “from the other side”




“Total Resistance” 

Hans von Dach – Swiss Army http://www.survivalmonkey.com/threads/total-resistance-swiss-army-guide-to-guerrilla-warfare-and-underground-operations-pdf.14237/ 


This was issued by the Swiss Army in the 50’s as a HOW TO guide, based on WWII anti-Nazi resistance movements, just in case the Soviet Union decided to move west. A “how to cripple enemies and not get caught” guide. Useful reading for everyone. Still useful 60 years later. I have NO sympathy for the next author’s political or ethical position, but this was the textbook at Patrice Lumumba University in the former Soviet Union, and still used to train insurgents worldwide. A VERY practical guidebook. It never hurt to know the enemy, and learn from him. 


“Guerrilla Warfare” 
Dr. Ernesto “Che” Guevara 
http://archive.org/details/GuerrillaWarfare_856 (multiple formats) 

Yes, THAT “Che”. The one on the t-shirts. I would have shot him myself, but the SOB wrote what may be the best treatise on organizing a “survival community under adverse circumstances”, ever. Che’s #1 priority for putting together a rural army was SHOES, not guns, or ammo, or transport, or commo. If your people can’t walk, they can’t get or grow the other stuff. It is written at that level of practicality. 

“Know The Enemy” and take every advantage of the knowledge. 

Just in case there are questions, I got my original paper copies when the Institute for Defense Analysis was clearing out their unclassified library, and I had to show ID from a different DoD contractor to get in – LOL


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