5 Prepping Tips from Harriet

By Harriet, Editor At Large

Tip 1:

Get a range of small bottles – say about 30 ml – to hold small quantities of medicines with some droppers to be able to use a measured dose. This week I wanted to make up a small quantity of isopropyl alcohol and white vinegar for swimmers ear and had to go and buy something to do the task. Also if you are buying cheap plastic ones (glass ones with good screw on lids are preferable) then check them to see that the lids are water tight and that squeeze bottles work. One of the lids we had with a tiny pourer that was ideal for ears, so I didn’t need the dropper, couldn’t be closed properly so would leak if it got knocked over. It is better to find this out now than when its really essential. So don’t assume that once bought that that is all you need to do. Check your stocks.

Also if you are generously sharing your medications, whether purchased or home made, you will only want to give away small amounts, hence the need for small bottles and jars.

Tip 2:

When considering underwear for troubled time remember that the elastic used these days perishes within a couple of years, sometimes only nine months if the clothes take a while to get to you. Gone are the days when it would last as long as the fabric in the underwear. So buy lots of cotton tape unless you can get hold of some pre-1975 elastic. I actually have some pre-1975 elastic in my stores and its still fine. However without elastic we will need something to keep up our undies and drawstring tape will be needed.

Tip 3:

I have been putting my less liked clothes in my bug out bag till I realised that if things were really that bad that I had to rely on that bag then I wouldn’t want to be wearing those horrible clothes. I would want to wear clothes that were really suitable for the task, that washed  and dried easily and that made me feel good. So I’ve been on the look out for nicely fitting clothes meant for sports and hiking at the local thrift shop as they pack small and don’t smell as bad if they can’t be washed as often as I would like.

Tip 4:

Add a little concentrated washing powder to the bug out bag in case your three days supply of clothes has to last a little longer. A small pill container full would do multiple washes.

Tip 5:

Consider volunteering at a Thrift or Opportunity shop where you can get first access to really cheap second hand gear as it comes in. You do need to avoid being seen to be greedy but over a year or two all sorts of useful prepping things come in to the shop. Some things are thrown out because they are not perceived to be sale-able. I’ve retrieved a few of these from the bin when noone was watching and so saved myself some prepping money.



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