Recommended Fiction Book: WerewolveSS

This is a book – no longer in publication – that I read probably 15 years ago. Written by Jerry & Sharon Ahern – it has a certain “feel” to the writing that lends itself to those interested in survival & preparedness (and of course firearms).


WerewolveSS is an excellent read with an awesome story line. Those that may not be familiar with Jerry Ahern – I interviewed  him a couple of weeks ago. He is the author of a post-nuclear war book series called The Survivalist. He also writes regularly in several gun publications. WerewolveSS in my opinion is one of his and his wife’s best works.[From Rourke: Jerry has since passed away – a loss to many]

Here is what one reader at Amazon said –

This tale of a neo-nazi plot to take over the world being foiled at the last moment by a brave semi-retired British secret agent and his goddaughter is exciting enough in itself, but toss in one special circumstance: THE NEO-NAZIS ARE WEREWOLVES! I don’t know where Mr Ahern came up with the idea, but he carries it off perfectly, and the result is a really fun read. One of my favorite books.

more from Amazon…………

The product of a crazed Führer, now they are soldiers of horror! The evil genius: A student of the occult, Hitler knew that a properly trained werewolf would be the ultimate warrior. With their shredding fangs, gutting claws, and uncanny regenerative powers, they are the ideal killing machines. Through a miracle of genetic engineering, the sadistic madman created the SS unit that would win the war, If they could be controlled. The immortal beasts: It was a special homecoming for Dannie and her father; they were both Highcliffe alumni, but they hadn’t seen each other for too long. The festivities were marred by reports of savage assaults by a wild beast loose in the city……..

The main character that leads this adventure is named Mac. He is an older retired British Army officer. While going from chapter to chapter – I envisioned him as a Sean Connery-type. He is older – but wise and still fit.

If you wish to give this book a read yourself – you can buy it here. It can be purchased for around $4.00.

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