$1 – 5 minute to completion Thermal Cooker & CONTEST!

Call it American Ingenuity or just an old crazy Polish Gramma having one good idea, but I am totally stoked on this thermal cooking – better than the crock pot and I love my crock pot! And I have to admit that I’m obsessing on Mylar, got over 100 uses so far – Cabin Fever in MinnesOta (accent on the O) turned positive.

Everyone has a plastic tote, 5 gallon bucket with a lid, etc. Add a $1 emergency blanket and padding (think blanket, quilt piece, batting, whatever) 5 minutes or less to put together and YOU have a thermal cooker! No hours of sewing. No $80 to $130 for a store bought one that won’t work any better. And yes, it will even work with a hollowed out hay bale, Dutch oven and a window over it (Ask Wyzyrd!), or stick it in your compost pile, but with an emergency blanket of Mylar, you don’t need too!


If SCP gets at least 25 entries of pictures, plans and recipes for homemade thermal cookers I will twist Rourke’s arm from 1500 miles away to give at least one prize!!!

Try this! You will love it!

What did you use for heat – rocket stove, camp stove, candles, oil lamp, sterno, wood stove, campfire? Something non-electric. You are a Prepper! What pot did you use? Pic of your thermal cooker. Recipe used – don’t over think this! Have FUN and see what you can come up with!

Pass this around to your friends and buddies and let’s see what we can come up with!

Send your entries to old Bev at bcfossillady at gmail dot com or scprepper at outlook dot com to Rourke. “Contest” ends March 15, 2014 – My, time is flying!

And hey, if you figure out how to do a cheap, easy oven on a rocket stove that makes a nice corn bread, I will personally send you something “special”.  LOL  :-D


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