$0 Beer Case Can Rotators

By Bev Sandlin,

I’ve been having fun creating can rotators. I asked the guy at the local liquor store to keep me back some beer cases when he made six packs again. Since they are double the size of a pop 12 pack, I was doing some experimenting.

The one below is two cases laid on their sides with a piece of cardboard slide through the middle to make a double rotator. I cut the cardboard separator along the grooves in the cardboard so that all I had to do was make a half slice through the cardboard so that it folded nicely on the top and bottom. Lots of duct tape later and I had a very nice double can rotator.

double rotator 1

double rotator done


But the one I really like is this single beer case rotator. I turned it on its side and drew a line 3″ from the top in the front and 5″ toward the back. I cut a piece of cardboard about 12″ long to slide through it. Again I sliced for flaps, bent them down and duct taped the devil out of it for strength. Can goes in the front top, rolls down the cardboard and comes out the bottom front.

Why do I like this so much? The roll is phenomenal! Enough momentum created to roll them right to the front of the bottom with no slope on the case. See the carry holes in the top? Allows you to inventory pretty easily. If I were more ambitious, I could cut corresponding holes in the ramp – but I’m not.

single rotator finished

single rotator 1

 This an extension of the original post:

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