Prepping as a Christian, is it Biblical?

Prepping as a Christian, is it Biblical?

Editor at Large: Suni 

Have you ever stopped to ask yourself is prepping Biblical? I have asked myself this question on more than one occasion. Since I am fairly new in my walk with Christ and I didn’t want to get out of God’s graces.

You are probably thinking what does this have to do with prepping? I want to share my journey with you on how and why I became a prepper.

Shortly after finding the Lord I began to have an uncontrollable urge to start stock piling food. I could not really explain that feeling. Later I would discover it was the Holy Spirits’ unctions telling me something was coming. I still can not tell you exactly what I am prepping for, meaning a financial collapse, food shortage, wars etc., etc. suffice it to say I try to prepare for everything.

About 1 year after I started to prep I had a friend to ask me don’t you trust in GOD? I was shocked, of course I believe, then she said “well don’t you trust the LORD to take care of you?after all he even feeds the birds”.  WOW, was I doing the right thing? Was I being disobedient to what GOD wanted me to do?  This began my search to make sure I was staying in GOD’s will.

As you may or may not know the BIBLE is a huge book and looking for a specific scripture can be a bit daunting especially for someone who isn’t exactly knowledgeable about the Bible . Sometimes it would and does take me all day to find what I was/am looking for, sometimes I wasn’t sure where to look and would have to ask for someones help in finding it. But I have found that perseverance is critical, not only in learning the Bible but also in prepping. The two really walk hand in hand.

Let me give you a few examples:

Genesis   6 — This tells of Noah and how he had to prepare for a flood; something that had never happened and all the animals that were to be cared for, for an extended period of time. Sound familiar? 

Genesis 41 — This tells of Joseph and the dreams he interprets for Pharaoh and how GOD is telling them to prepare for the coming hard times. Much like today’s world.

Matthew 25 — Jesus is telling us with the parable of the 10 virgins to always be ready for anything at all times. Isn’t this one reason we try and be prepared?

Revelation — The entire book is telling us to be ready at any moment for our LORD and Saviors’ return.

After I had found in the Bible GOD and Jesus wants us to be prepared I felt that I was truly on the right path. If you pray about all things before doing them then we will always stay in GOD’s will for us.

I would love to hear about your story, do you have one? 

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